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What is mPOWHER?

Saving Mothers partnered with Public Health Solutions’ (PHS) Queens Healthy Start to launch the first New York City-based pregnancy health literacy program. With a unique model of training community health workers and empowering the women they serve, called mPOWHER, to help reduce maternal deaths and birth-related complications.

Our Vision

This program will create a training curriculum for community health workers that emphasizes building trust and identifying high-risk complications and comorbidities for pregnant women.

The program will be piloted with PHS in Queens, expanded to the five boroughs, and ultimately, to all of New York State. To start, five community health workers from the Jamaica community will be trained to work with 300 pregnant women per year.

The program will also promote comprehensive health literacy education for pregnant women through maternal health kits, which will  provide information about healthy pregnancy, complications, labor, and post-partum. The kit will also discuss risk factors – including obesity, hypertension, and diabetes – that contribute to deadly complications seen in the United States, such as pulmonary embolism and preeclampsia.


What we know

In 2018, the mortality rate in the state of New York for Black and non-Hispanic women was four times greater than that of White women
Black women in New York City are approximately eight times more likely to die from a pregnancy-related complication than White women.