Angeline Chenangat, also known as Peris, at her home Tartar village, West Pokot, Kenya on March 4, 2018.  Angeline consented to a Saving Mothers Pretrm study.  Her sonograms indicated twins and her test indicated preterm positive.  She was given steroids for fetal lung development, along with daily prenatal vitamins.  Angeline stayed at the Maternity Waiting Home (KIROR) near Kapenguria Hospital until she delivered her preterm twins.

Saving Mothers visited West Pokot, Kenya and screened over 300 women and provided many types of surgery include molar pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, hysterectomy, prolapse and fistula.

This Mother's Day, Honor your Mother by Saving Another. 

More than 343,000 women die during childbirth every year. Sadly, the vast majority of these deaths are preventable.

We are Saving Mothers, a global non-profit dedicated to eradicating preventable maternal deaths and reversing the inequities in maternal healthcare in NYC and areas around the world where the need is greatest. We do this through education, training, and the use of low-cost, high-impact pragmatic solutions designed to empower women and ensure their voices are heard by healthcare professionals.

We are empowering the world’s most marginalized women with programs that are practical, field-tested, effective and replicable. Two of our most impactful solutions to date are the Saving Mothers Safe Birth Kit and mPOWHER Kit.

The Safe Birth Kit costs only $15, and contains tools to facilitate safe births at our global locations that may not have access to running water or sterile surfaces. Sponsoring these kits creates a safer birth environment for women globally to avoid infections contracted during delivery.

At a cost of $150, you can sponsor an mPOWHER Kit, which contains essential items (mPOWHER diaper bag containing a FitBit activity tracker, compression stockings, blood pressure monitor, and informational cards) that will support a mother's healthy pregnancy. By purchasing one of these kits, you can help a women advocate for herself and take charge of her health. This year, gift an mPOWHER Kit and honor your mother by saving another.

Women in developing nations are 43 times more likely to die during childbirth.

The Result

Countless numbers of preventable maternal deaths due to simple complications or unsanitary conditions. And too many newborns left without a mother.

No Access to Hospital

Up to 90% of women in low-resource settings still deliver outside of a hospital setting.

maternal deaths from preventable obstetric causes

Up to 73% of global maternal deaths are from preventable obstetric causes, leading 830 women to die everyday from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth

Who We Are

Saving Mothers is a global nonprofit organization of allied healthcare professionals dedicated to eradicating preventable maternal deaths and birth related complications among marginalized women

Our Vision

A world where every woman - regardless of her ethnicity or socioeconomic status - has access to quality reproductive healthcare services, and receives proper medical attention for issues of pregnancy and birth-related complications

Our Solutions

We educate and train all levels of healthcare professionals to ensure that the women they serve receive the best care possible. We also design programs to empower women, and ensure that their voices are heard by healthcare professionals

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