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Who Are Community Health Workers?

By Saving Mothers | February 1, 2021 |

For much of the past year, Saving Mothers worked with community health workers (CHWs) from the Northern Manhattan Perinatal Partnership. Amital Isaac conducted an interview with Asia Toure, one of the CHWs we worked closely with as part of our NYC mPOWHER Program. Read on to learn more about who community health workers are, what…

Updates from Guatemala

By Saving Mothers | July 24, 2020 |

by Rachel Wong With 17.5 million people, Guatemala is Central America’s largest nation–yet it has one of the highest socioeconomic disparities and poverty levels worldwide. The burden of COVID-19 is crippling healthcare systems and adding to a growing list of issues the country’s population is facing: extreme poverty, violence, drought, and lack of government accountability.…

Introducing our new Uganda telemedicine program

By Saving Mothers | August 26, 2019 |

August 21, 2019 – Last week we officially launched our telemedicine program in Uganda. Our first lecture was given by Dr. Noel Strong, Maternal-fetal medicine specialist and Saving Mothers medical board member. Dr. Strong gave the lecture in her New York City office at 8 a.m. EST before starting her clinical duties for the day.…

Feature: Lori Hawkins, a documentary photographer

By Saving Mothers | September 20, 2018 |

Last March, Lori travelled with the Saving Mothers team to West Pokot, Kenya and she documented her experience. This summer her photographs were exhibited at Photoville. Here we feature her to get a better sense of her career and what she captured while on the ground with our team. Hawkins was drawn to the field…

Saving Mothers Fellow in Weill Cornell Medicine Journal!

By savingmothersblog | September 10, 2018 |

    Sasha Hernandez, a former fellow at Saving Mothers, current resident in OB/Gyn at NYU Langone Medical Center, and now a member of our medical board is featured in the summer edition of the Weill Cornell Medicine Journal! Sasha spent a year in Guatemala, working alongside comadronas, traditional Mayan birth attendant at the POWHER…

Ultrasound Training and Use in West Pokot

By savingmothersblog | June 4, 2018 |

       In March 2018, the team at Saving Mothers travelled to Kapenguria Hospital in West Pokot, Kenya to further the implementation of a maternal continuum of care for women living in rural areas. The trip marked a dramatic expansion of health services available in the region, as Dr. Tara Shirazian and Dr. Noel…

Meet Jessica Oliveira

By Saving Mothers | July 24, 2017 |

What is your name and position at Saving Mothers? Jessica Oliveira, Guatemala Program Director, Founder of the School of POWHER. Why did you join Saving Mothers? At the time, I had gone on a few global health surgical trips which exposed me to travel, culture, and the disparities women in developing worlds live with. Then…

Dr. Rachel Carroll's Experience Volunteering in Kenya

By savingmothersblog | July 19, 2017 |

I recently had the opportunity and privilege of spending two weeks working at Kapenguria Hospital in Kenya through Saving Mothers. I returned from the trip with a mix of emotions – among them amazement mixed with sadness, overwhelming gratitude, and above all a greater desire to help. I am thankful now more than ever to…

Meet Sasha Hernandez

By savingmothersblog | July 17, 2017 |

What is your name and position at Saving Mothers? Sasha Hernandez, Research Fellow Why did you join Saving Mothers? As a future OB/Gyn dedicated to global health I decided that a year of on the ground work and experience would be the best way to truly understand the nuances of community health education in developing…

Meet Yeshika Mendoza de Paz

By savingmothersblog | July 10, 2017 |

What is your name and position at Saving Mothers? Yeshika Mendoza de Paz, Volunteer Coordinator & Lead Educator Why did you join Saving Mothers? I joined because of the love for my people and my community. With Saving Mothers I am helping the people that need it the most and I know I am helping…

Women in developing nations are 43 times more likely to die during childbirth.

The Result

Countless numbers of preventable maternal deaths due to simple complications or unsanitary conditions. And too many newborns left without a mother.

No Access to Hospital

Up to 90% of women in low-resource settings still deliver outside of a hospital setting.

maternal deaths from preventable obstetric causes

Up to 73% of global maternal deaths are from preventable obstetric causes, leading 830 women to die everyday from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth

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The Problem

On average, one woman or girl dies due to complications from childbirth every two minutes. 75% of these deaths could be prevented with access to low-cost basic sexual and reproductive healthcare.

Who We Are

We are an organization of doctors and allied professionals that work with governments and local organizations to improve maternal health care in limited-resource settings. We customize programming to the specific needs of communities and bring biomedical technologies where they are most needed.

You Can Help

From donations to research fellowships to becoming a partner, explore the ways you can help Saving Mothers.

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