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New York state is facing a serious maternal mortality crisis. 

“Maternal mortality should not be a fear anyone in New York should have to face in the 21st century.” - Gov. Andrew Cuomo

The United States maternal mortality rate ranked 46th globally in 2015 – shocking for a country with resources as rich as ours. New York, in particular, has a high maternal mortality rate that continues to increase - our state now ranks 30th among the 50 states. New York City has even worse rates and particular boroughs, such as Brooklyn and the Bronx, are disproportionately affected. Statistics reveal that African-American and Hispanic women experience dramatically higher rates of maternal mortality, up to 12x greater than Caucasian women. That must change.

We must lead the change. 

In 2019, Saving Mothers will be launching a breakthrough New York City program that is community-basedand focused on addressing and minimizing these disparities in maternal mortality. The program will be innovative, evidence-based and designed to be replicable in cities across America.

Join the movement to save mothers in New York.

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The above match fundraiser is active from Friday, March 29th until Friday, April 17th.

Friday, April 17th marks the end of The second annual national Black Maternal Health Week (BMHW) campaign, founded and led by the Black Mamas Matter Alliance.







$100 provides pregnancy tests for 100 women
$250 provides Safe Birth Kits for 30 women
$500 provides 10 IUDs and Insertion kits