Here's Why

Saving Mothers is looking for Ambassadors to shine a spotlight on its lifesaving work around the world and here at home. Saving Mothers brings low cost, high impact programming to places where pregnancy can be a death sentence because of a lack of access to resources and care. 

Each year over three hundred thousand women die due to childbirth related complications. Most of these deaths could be prevented with basic supplies that would ensure hygienic births and access to rudimentary care. Tragically, these supplies and health care which are readily available in parts of the US are inaccessible to many women around the world. Saving Mothers is a non- profit with programs in the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Kenya, Uganda, and New York that aims to reduce morbidity and mortality in pregnancy and childbirth.

How Can You Help?

By joining Saving Mothers as an Ambassador, you would be invited to be apart of Saving Mothers global work. Your involvement would also include spreading the word about the good work being done by Saving Mothers and raising awareness about how dangerous pregnancy can be in parts of the world where basic care is unavailable.

The tasks of a Saving Mothers Ambassador are listed below:

  1. Social Media posts about Saving Mothers’ work and mission.
  2. A blog post for our website about your relationship with maternal health and why you feel empowered to be a part of the Saving Mothers community.
  3. Attendance of and recruitment for Saving Mothers events (i.e. fundraisers).

Please email to learn more.


 Student Ambassador Program coming soon.

Meet Our Ambassadors


Mari Agory is a renowned fashion model who has worked for some of the biggest fashion houses internationally. As a former refugee from what is now known as South Sudan, Mari is no stranger to life-altering experiences. She was only nine years old when her family fled their native country of Sudan, seeking political asylum in the United States due to the bloody civil war between the South and the Northern regime in Khartoum. As a model, a mom, and co-founder of Mama Talks, she now utilizes her various platforms and her story to advocate for maternal health and mental health nationally and internationally.

Saving Mothers commitment to providing sustainable solutions for maternal health through high impact low-cost programs in underserved communities around the world is what compelled Mari to become a Saving Mothers ambassador. Having migrated from a country with one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world, Mari now a mother of two realizes she too could have been subjected to such horrifying environmental determinants of health and life if her family had not been able to escape the civil war in her homeland. “I consider myself very fortunate to have given birth in a developed nation and feel it is my obligation to utilize my voice, my story and platform to shed light on the state of maternal health in developing countries like mine.”

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Contessa Brewer is a correspondent for CNBC Business News and a volunteer for Saving Mothers.  In 2011, she was an anchor for MSNBC, expecting her first child and so excited to start her family.  Instead, she went into labor prematurely, lost her son, and began hemorrhaging herself.  A team of skilled doctors and nurses at a top-notch New York City hospital intervened to save her life.

That experience led Contessa to join Saving Mothers- and to the life-saving work they do around the world.  No woman should die giving life- and yet, around the world, so many mothers die from preventable causes: little or no prenatal care, no ultrasounds, unsanitary conditions, lack of education or medical treatment.

Contessa now enjoys life with twin sons and so grateful to have the opportunity to be their mother.