Our Programs

Our Programs

Saving Mothers follows a three-step process to efficiently deliver its products and services to the women who need it most


Saving Mothers’ team of doctors and
researchers create low-cost, high-impact solutions designed to improve prenatal care services, facilitate safe births, and strengthen
maternal health outcomes.




Saving Mothers innovations are piloted in clinical and field settings at their sites in Guatemala, the Dominican Republic and Kenya. Programs are adapted to fit the
cultural context of each country, and are tested at these sites for effectiveness and scalability. Outcomes are then measured to
assess impact opportunity.


Saving Mothers then packages these innovations and training curricula for purchase and scale up by other non-profits, NGOs, and government entities.




Saving Mothers develops and delivers low-cost, high-impact solutions proven to effectively reduce the rate of maternal deaths in low-resource settings

Maternal Continuum of Care

A multi-phase program offering facility-based pre and post-natal care to women in underserved communities seeking to promote hospital deliveries.

  • Safe Birth Kits to prevent infection during delivery
  • Postpartum hemorrhage kits to treat birth complications
  • Birth attendant POWHER kit with tools to facilitate prenatal care visits

Surgical Outreach and Provider Training

  • Pro bono surgeries for fistula and incontinence
  • Concurrent provider training for ultrasound technicians, nurses, anesthesiologists and surgeons
  • 16-week traditional birth attendant training program



Family-Centered Family Planning

  • Promotion of family planning as a means of birth spacing
  • Free post-partum IUD placement for women who deliver at the hospital


Consultations and training of remote healthcare providers



Family Centered Planning

We educate medical professionals in limited-resource settings about contraceptive options and support their work to expand women’s reproductive autonomy. By working with governments and local leaders to implement reproductive health education programs, we ensure that girls and young women can have the freedom of choice as they navigate adolescence and adulthood.

Kit Packing Events

We send instructions and supplies to participating groups. Each $15 Kit includes everything a woman needs to have a safe delivery. These Kits are currently used in Uganda, Kenya, and Guatemala by hospitals and midwives.

If the event is in or around New York, members of the Saving Mothers team will join the event to talk about the urgency of global women’s health inequalities and how the Kits you are preparing provide a low-cost way to get at the problem.

Specialty Services via Telemedicine

Our team of doctors in the US provides ongoing support to medical professionals who work in the hospitals and clinics where we conduct trainings. These consultations range from interpreting ultrasounds to advising health workers on the ground as they deal with maternal and neonatal emergencies. We develop life-saving protocols that can be implemented in limited-resource settings and train local doctors, nurses, and birth attendants in how to use them.

Woman stands and talks to group of women sitting on the ground

Saving Mothers visited the Catholics Women Association (CWA) of Chepareria Parish, in West Pokot, Kenya on March 3, 2018. The group consists of Catholic women from 29 Catholic churches, with more than 500 members. They meet every month to worship together, to share life experiences, challenges and to encourage one another in community development.

of maternal deaths occur in developing countries
women die daily from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth
Woman gets blood pressure measured

Saving Mothers visited the Keringet Health Center in Keringet, Kenya on March 8, 2018.

Saving Mothers visited West Pokot, Kenya and we screened over 300 women and provided many types of surgery to address issues such as molar pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, prolapse, and fistula.