This Mother's Day, Honor your mother by Saving Another

More than 343,000 women die during childbirth every year. Sadly, the vast majority of these deaths are preventable.
We are Saving Mothers, a new kind of non-profit organization dedicated to reducing maternal mortality and birth-related complications in areas of the world where the need is greatest. We envision a world where every woman - regardless of her ethnicity or socioeconomic status - has access to safe birthing practices and receives proper medical attention for pregnancy and birth-related complications.
We are empowering the world’s most marginalized women with programs that are practical, field-tested, effective and replicable. Innovative solutions such as our Safe Birth Kits have saved the lives of thousands of women in underserved communities here and around the world.

Please consider purchasing our safe birth kits in honor of that amazing woman in your life!

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This is a Saving Mothers Safe Birth Kit

At a cost of just $20, each kit contains essential items that will save the life of a mother giving birth in an area where there are no hospitals.
Buy a kit or two, or twenty, and help save a baby’s mother.