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Students Save

Starting a Chapter


A Students Save Affiliate Organization can be started at any interested school of organization. The ideal Students Save Organization will be run by individuals with a strong interest, engagement, or passion for medicine, women's health, and improving the lives of those in underprivileged communities. A Students Save Organization will report back to the parent organization with updates referencing the Affiliate's progress in establishing the affiliate and expanding its membership, fundraising and awareness building. Saving Mothers will assist the affiliate by providing certain promotional materials and giving guidance/advice on the development of the Affiliate. The following are the guidelines that Students Save Organization must follow in order to be officially recognized by Saving Mothers as a partner/subsidiary.

The Students Save Organization must be established by a minimum of 5 signatory/founding members

The Students Save Organization must provide a membership chart including a President, Treasurer and Secretary with clearly delineated responsibilities

The Students Save Organization will sign paperwork related to non-disclosure and licensing agreements that preserve the integrity of Saving Mothers and its intellectual property

The Students Save Organization will raise a minimum of $1,000 per year

The Students Save Organization will host, create, or participate in 2 or more fundraising/awareness building events per year, and capture these events on film

The Students Save Organization will be responsible for maintaining one or more official social media accounts (on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) linked to your organization, and posting about health topics and/or Saving Mothers at least once per month

The Students Save Organization will provide a semi-annual progress report in the form of a letter to the parent organization including updates on funds raised and the various events and activities the Affiliate has participated in or pioneered