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Woman of the Week: Joan Dunlop

We celebrate the accomplishments of Joan Dunlop in advancing women’s rights. Joan Dunlop, was a British women’s health advocate and activist and the first president of the International Women’s Health Coalition. Ms. Dunlop devoted herself to expanding women’s rights to control their own bodies. She worked at the Population Council, with Rockefeller, helping to broaden…

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Trump has defunded UN Population Fund

All funding to the UN’s Family Planning Agency has been cut. This is truly detrimental to the lives of women globally. The agencies funding has prevented an estimated 320,000 unintended pregnancies, averted almost 100,000 unsafe abortions, prevented about 10,000 maternal deaths, and enabled about 800,000 people to have access to contraception. And this was just…

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Family Planning Program in Kenya: IUD 101

In West Pokot, Kenya, we are implementing a family planning program out of Kapenguria District Hospital, as only 23% of women use any form of contraception; A very low number due to lack of access, funding, and misconceptions about contraceptives. We train local healthcare providers and patients on the importance of contraception, and provide hormonal and…

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