Woman of the Week: Kakenya Ntaiya

Incredible woman of the week: Kakenya Ntaiya

Kakenya Ntaiya (born 1978) is a Kenyan educator, feminist, and social activist.

She is the founder and president of the Kakenya Center for Excellence, a primary boarding school for girls in the Maasai village of Enoosaen. The first class of 32 students began in 2009. The center requires that parents agree not to subject their enrolled daughters to genital mutilation or forced marriage.

Maasai tradition dictates that women should be engaged around the age of five, undergo circumcision as a teenager, and then leave school to marry. However, Kakenya fights to protect women and girls from circumcision and forced marriage.

Thank you Kakenya Ntaiya. You are an inspiration to women and girls everywhere.

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