Meet Augustine Kakuko

Meet our fabulous local medical fellow in West Pokot, Kenya!
Q: What is your name?
A: Augustine Kakuko (Loriya)
Q: What is your position at Saving Mothers?
A: Position : Project / Programme Coordinator SAVING MOTHERS PROGRAMME Kapenguria, Kenya.
Q: Why did you join Saving Mothers?
A: I joined saving mothers because:
a) Wanted employment hence earn a living for my family.
b) To serve and share experience with saving mothers on health issues.
c) Wanted to assist my community access services on health challenges affecting them.
d) Wanted to serve as immediate link person between Kapenguria hospital and saving mothers programme to have good and sustainable partnership with West Pokot county government.
e) To have international friends and potential Donors for My beloved West Pokot county who will help reduce diverse health challenges especially on health sector.
Q: How long have you worked with Saving Mothers?
A: I have worked with saving mothers for one year and three months.
Q: What has been your most life-changing experience in working for Saving Mothers?
A: a) Have had exchange of knowledge and experience with saving mothers team.
b) Its possible to have distant donors help more distant clients with ease especially with the intention / plan for saving mothers jointly with West Pokot in putting up Telemedicine unit at Kapenguria.
c) I have seen clients restoring hope for life after getting various medical services from saving mothers through ultra-sound scanning and diagnosis. I feel proud to have participated in this treatment process with saving mothers.
Q: How have you changed since working for Saving Mothers?
A: Through working with saving mothers:
a) I have had the experience on how to interact, link with foreigners and implement planned issues effectively with no supervision.
b) I have been able to support my children in their education through the salaries from saving mothers thus I recommend that saving mothers is an equal partner and employer world wide!
Q: What do you do in your free time?
A: In my free time I join the youth, and elders in discussion that bring transformational social change in the communities affected. Secondly I work to ensure that justice is done to all ages without discrimination based on colour, origin, region, religion or ethnicity.

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