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Saving Mothers is Published

We are very excited to announce that Saving Mothers was featured in “The Week Magazine”! AND we are pleased to announce that the manuscript “How a Training Program in Rural Guatemala is Transforming the Role of Traditional Birth Attendants from Cultural Practitioners to Unique Healthcare Providers” created by Dr. Tara Shirazian (Cofounder and President of SM), Sasha Hernandez (SM Research Fellow…

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National Women's Health Week

It is #NationalWomensHealthWeek. We not only want to dedicate this week to the individuals that have devoted their lives to reducing disparities in health care for women, but also to the many women who still face significant disparities in accessing basic health care. It is these women whom Saving Mothers fights for every single day.

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What makes Saving Mothers different?

What makes Saving Mothers different then other nonprofits? 1) We create sustainable programs in developing nations, training local healthcare providers on safe pregnancy and delivery 2) We are trained physicians and global health experts 3) We conduct research on our programming, ensuring that we are creating the most effective programs abroad 4) We have formed…

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World Health Worker Week

#WHWWeek honors health workers who dedicate their lives to improving health in their own communities. Thank you to all of the health workers who have worked to eradicate preventable maternal deaths worldwide.    

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1st Week of the School of POWHER

We are very excited to welcome this new class of POWHER students, as this year the School of POWHER is being taught and run by graduates from the first class in 2014. All our educators and preceptors are local comadronas who not only completed our program in 2014 but also have continued to be a…

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Family Planning Program in Kenya: IUD 101

In West Pokot, Kenya, we are implementing a family planning program out of Kapenguria District Hospital, as only 23% of women use any form of contraception; A very low number due to lack of access, funding, and misconceptions about contraceptives. We train local healthcare providers and patients on the importance of contraception, and provide hormonal and…

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