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Woman of the Week: Jane Hodgson

This weeks woman is Jane Hodgson. The only doctor ever convicted for performing an abortion, Dr. Jane Hodgson agreed to perform the procedure in order to challenge the law in her home state of Minnesota. In 1970, Hodgson performed an abortion on a 23-year-old married mother of three children who had contracted a condition called rubella,…

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Alice Paul: Feminist, Suffragist, and Political Strategist

Happy Sunday! We are still inspired by the March 6th event on the politics of global women’s health at NYU. Something that really stood out to us was Congresswoman Maloney’s talk on the equal rights amendment. The equal rights amendment would give equal rights to both women and men. The equal rights amendment, however, has NEVER…

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Woman of the Week: Dr. Virginia Apgar

During national Women’s History Month we will be posting a short biography of some of the most inspiring pioneers of women’s health every week. This week our woman in the spotlight is Dr. Virginia Apgar, M.D. Dr. Virginia Apgar, M.D., (born in 1909, and died in 1974) is best known for developing a standardized system…

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