2nd Week of the School of POWHER

WEEK 2 of our fourth School of POWHER Program in Guatemala:

This class is the reproductive anatomy class our local staff loves to do every year as it speaks about reproductive anatomy, sex, and orgasms; all topics never spoken about publicly or privately in Guatemala.

Most women Saving Mothers encounters and works with have never experienced sexual pleasure, even though they are married with multiple children. Women have no sexual freedom or the ability to make their own decisions in relation to their reproductive health. Many women will tell stories of not understanding their first pregnancy or how it happened. Many report being ashamed and afraid of their pregnancy because it is a sin.

When asked about this anatomy class, our program director on ground, Jes Oliveira, stated “To see Concepcion and Yeshika, our lead educators and local midwives, teach this class and speak about female sexuality is very emotional for me…I never thought my curriculum would get to this point. This was what I always dreamt about. I am excited to see where we go.”

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