Kenya Medical Strike is Over!

We are relieved to see that the 100 day medical strike over increased wages and better working conditions in Kenya has finally ended! The “Return to Work” deal showed that doctors will now earn between 56,000 and 70,000 shillings more per month ($540-680 more).

In Kenya, many emergency rooms in public hospitals across the country do not have key medical supplies. Power outages sometimes force doctors to provide light for surgeries with their cell phones. There is also a severe lack of doctors at state run hospitals. Many Kenyan physicians choose to work abroad or at private facilities given the better salary and working conditions.

At Saving Mothers, we believe that everyone is entitled to quality care and that everyone has access to adequate health resources. This lack of access is a human rights issue on a grand scale. It is our hope that this deal will improve conditions for the physicians and patients in Kenya.

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