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1st Week of the School of POWHER

We are very excited to welcome this new class of POWHER students, as this year the School of POWHER is being taught and run by graduates from the first class in 2014. All our educators and preceptors are local comadronas who not only completed our program in 2014 but also have continued to be a…

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Kenya Medical Strike is Over!

We are relieved to see that the 100 day medical strike over increased wages and better working conditions in Kenya has finally ended! The “Return to Work” deal showed that doctors will now earn between 56,000 and 70,000 shillings more per month ($540-680 more). In Kenya, many emergency rooms in public hospitals across the country…

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Woman of the Week: Jane Hodgson

This weeks woman is Jane Hodgson. The only doctor ever convicted for performing an abortion, Dr. Jane Hodgson agreed to perform the procedure in order to challenge the law in her home state of Minnesota. In 1970, Hodgson performed an abortion on a 23-year-old married mother of three children who had contracted a condition called rubella,…

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